Concerned about environment


In a Sept. 13 letter to the Department of Justice and the Environmental Protection Agency, County Council member Kathy Kershner asked them to drop the lawsuit they filed recently against Rader Farms, alledging Rader Farms illegally cleared wetlands in 2005.

Ms. Kershner said the new lawsuit "is part of a long list of roadblocks that government agencies have put up that stop jobless residents in Whatcom County from having the chance to pay their bills and feed their children," and said, "Unnecessary and senseless regulation is an insidious job killer." How dare she tell agencies entrusted to keep our environment protected not to do so - using jobs as a reason for ignoring law? Jobs come and go, but we only get one environment.

Ms. Kershner's opening line of her letter, written on council letterhead, said, "As Chair of the Whatcom County Council." I believe it gives the letter recipients an implied understanding she is speaking for the council, and she never states she is not.

I believe Ms. Kershner shows great disregard for our environment, thinking jobs trump everything, and tried to use her elected position, asking the DOJ and EPA to disregard the law. Perhaps Ms. Kershner thinks since she and council member Knutzen, both up for re-election, have managed to ignore Washington state Growth Management Act law, she might be able to get the EPA and DOJ to ignore the laws they're sworn to uphold.

Sandy Robson

Birch Bay

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