Says plant breeding improves crops


Farmers can be easily be confused with the I-522 labeling initiative. I thought it had to do with country of origin labeling. Country of origin labeling laws are a different set of labels that have nothing to do with I-522. The initiative before voters this fall has no bearing on where food comes from, only how it is produced.

I believe people have been brain washed on genetically modified organisms like it is a monster, which is the farthest from the truth. Now, you can pay more for organic foods, but is it really organic? Even organic foods play the label game and, as a farmer, that is a joke. Plant breeding, including GMO, is to provide better crops, larger crops, and resistance to weeds and viruses, all of which help to feed America and the world.

Politically correct people may have eaten, smoked and drank something in their younger life. Now they want to live longer and now they have the answer of warning people from GMOs. Don't be fooled. Vote no on I-522

Darryl Ehlers


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