Police: Lynden man with history of violence, fleeing sought in beating


Visente Levi Jon Galvez-Cruz


Three weeks after a Lynden man pleaded guilty to a drive-by shooting with an assault rifle, police want to recapture him because he's accused of beating his girlfriend while she held their 1-year-old child in her arms.

Visente Levi Jon Galvez-Cruz, 20, has been on the run from the law since the night of Oct. 3, when his girlfriend, 23, came to police with a broken nose and a black eye. Galvez-Cruz attacked her, she told the officer, because she refused his drunken sexual advances.

She'd held their son while he punched her in the face several times, according to police reports. She fell to the ground and the child landed on her, unharmed. But the mother had a concussion and needed six stitches in her face.

Galvez-Cruz ran off and hasn't been caught, according to police. At the time of the assault, he was out on bail.

He's no stranger to hiding from police. Last spring, prosecutors charged him with speeding off from a traffic stop in rural Whatcom County in May 2012. He had warrants for felony assault, bail jumping and violating a no-contact order. During the chase, his white Dodge pickup topped 70 mph. He abandoned the truck on Sumas Mountain, and police dogs and a border helicopter couldn't find him.

Two days later he called up his girlfriend at her parents' home near Burlington. He told her if she didn't meet him at a nearby gas station, he would shoot down her door, decapitate her and kill their then-unborn child, according to court records. She refused, so he went to her home near Burlington and fired at least five rounds from an AR-15 Bushmaster at the base of the driveway.

His getaway car, a Honda Accord, crashed about two miles from the scene of the shooting. Again, Galvez-Cruz abandoned the car. A star pattern on the windshield suggested, to investigators, that someone's head had smashed into the windshield. Police found the Bushmaster rifle had been ditched about 200 yards from the car. Blood swabbed from the crash scene matched Galvez-Cruz's DNA profile.

Whatcom County sheriff's deputies arrested him the next day hiding in a dryer at his father's house near Everson. In his mugshot, his forehead is streaked with thin vertical scabs - cuts still healing from the crash. He claimed he hurt his forehead when he tripped on his slippers.

He pleaded guilty last year to reckless driving in Whatcom County. Then he pleaded guilty last month to second-degree assault in Skagit County, for the shooting. He had agreed to start serving a one-year prison sentence in mid-October.

The charging paperwork for the recent domestic assault was scanned into the court record this week. He's also wanted for violating the terms of his bail and probation.

Anyone with tips about Galvez-Cruz's whereabouts can call 911 or contact the Lynden Police Department at 360-354-2828.

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