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I can't have been the only area resident stifling a gag reflex on reading Ferndale Mayor Gary Jensen's Sept.18 opinion column urging "moderation" in the County Council election. Calling a recent Democratic resolution "extreme" in supporting the Lummi's opposition to the Gateway Pacific Terminal, he claims that "most of us are in the middle somewhat and want our government to get things done."

The moderating word here has to be "somewhat," since "extreme" for him means lacking "recognition of the traditional use of Cherry Point for business." While conceding that "problems (were) caused when settlers ... brought the concept of land ownership to America," he insists "we need to respect the fact that ... Cherry Point is privately owned ... and is unlikely to change even in the very distant future."

Thus, while offering "no dispute that ... relationships between our local tribes and non-Indians ... need repairing," he clearly isn't meaning Cherry Point. He labors instead on the Dem's extreme resolution that ignores "the rule of law," "the concept of land use and shoreline planning," and "undermines efforts by existing Cherry Point industries to expand or reinvest in their properties."

So much for Lummi tradition and the extreme threat I believe GPT means to the coast, the straits, and whatever else the Department of Ecology may consider. Curiously he refers to a deceased Ferndale resident who worked for Intalco: "There has to be a balance between ... (him) and the native Americans that came before him .... Is it a choice for all or those of extremism?" Such a balance for Jensen means vote for the terminal.

If ever was a time for Bellingham to vote in a County Council election it is now.

Philip Damon


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