Unhappy with war in Africa


No war in Africa. I believe some of the largest of the 107 military-industrial makers of death machines, are worried we will not continue to steal from our children to carry on with their war racket. Our country is now in for about $6 trillion for the last two wars, with an incalculable loss of life and pain and suffering all around. Let's not forget that "we" are also in astronomical debt at nearly $17 billion!

The clearest explanation of what is happening in Africa was stated by Veterans For Peace in January of this year, "What appears to be driving the agenda of AFRICOM is Washington's desire to control regions rich in oil and other natural resources, including cheap labor. Were U.S. intentions honorable and humanitarian... It would halt the practice of attacking nations with drones and other missile strikes, a form of warfare that has now proven itself to increase, rather than decrease, hostility and violence. It would end sales of weaponry abroad, end the use of private mercenaries, and abandon the training of foreign militaries."

Say no to war.

Carol Follett


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