Reminds council will impact county


I'd like to respond to the recent column written by Mayor Jensen. He refers to concerned environmentalists as the extreme left on the issue of GPT, water quality and anything that deals with our warming planet. I believe it is a false equivalent to equate the environmentalists (who know that when 97 percent of environmental scientists have proof that global climate changing is happening) with the "other side" of that debate stating that coal releasing mercury and arsenic in the air along with other greenhouse gases are not contributing to the heating of the planet. The facts are the facts. Mining, transporting, shipping and burning coal anywhere is a threat to the planet everywhere. It is not a debate that you can have because there is no other side to the truth. Would you listen to 97 percent of scientists or 3 percent?

Mayor Jensen's editorial is why I urge everyone to vote for Weimer, Brown, Mann and Buchanan for County Council. I do know that they understand that our environment is integral to why people come to Whatcom County to live, work, vacation and retire. Please don't assume this election is no big deal because it isn't a major election. Nine county council members have the power to decide who will be allowed to use, preserve and manage our water as well as deciding whether our community will be transformed in to a major industrial county or not.

Amy Glasser


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