Bellingham, Ferndale cross country run at Sunfair Invitational


Ferndale and Bellingham boys' and girls' cross country ran in the Sunfair Invitational on Saturday, Oct. 5, at Franklin Park in Yakima. Ferndale's Roberto Aguilera finished the three-mile course in 16 minutes, 45.57 seconds, and Bellingham's Maya Norton finished with a time of 19:57.54.

Sam Gillman led the Bellingham boys' team with a time of 16:59.38, and Jamie Sayegh was second for the Red Raiders at 17:54.20. Jillian Anderson led Ferndale's girls with a time of 20:23.72, followed by Jana Peterson at 21:35.05.

Second for the Golden Eagles' boys' team was Kaleb Palmby at 17:46.15, and Matthew Steiber was third at 18:27.77. Nicole Burbank was second for Bellingham's girls with a time of 20:06.72, followed by Abby Walker at 20:13.44.

Bellingham coach Bill McClement said his girls' team finished second and called the meet a "nice step forward" for the Red Raiders.

Sunfair Invitational at Franklin Park, Yakima

3 miles


Bellingham: Sam Gillman 16:59.38; Jamie Sayegh 17:54.20; Sean Ryder 18:13.60; Andrew Twedt 18:45.30; Jackson Zerba 18:48.20; Jonah Short-Miller 18:56.24.

Ferndale: Roberto Aguilera 16:45.57; Kaleb Palmby 17:46.15; Matthew Steiber 18:27.77; Wesley Cruse 18:47.48; Jacob Ramirez 19:30.53; Zach Sulak 19:38.85; Leland Carter 20:11.20.


Bellingham: Maya Norton 19:57.54; Nicole Burbank 20:06.72; Abby Walker 20:13.44; Madeline Prentiss 20:21.91; Julia Latimer 20:25.61; Sarah Rubin 21:01.24; Lizzie Hanks 21:02.45.

Ferndale: Jillian Anderson 20:23.72; Jana Peterson 21:35.05; Laura Tkacsik 22:33.59; Mikaela Hernandez 23:32.41; Kara Collins 23:39.78; Kathryn Vajda 23:44.76; Katherine Chamblin 23:57.26.

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