Supports port, county candidates


Some people don't realize how important a port commissioner seat is.

Well it is when you consider the wide range of duties that includes Bellingham, county and state.

I back Mike McAuley for re-election as port commissioner. He is hard working and always available for port meetings, reads all background information regarding commission responsibilities and when problems arise he considers both sides of the issue.

Renata Kowalcyzk is also a candidate for port commissioner. She has delved into all aspects of the full extent of port commissioner duties since deciding to run for office.

I believe both will try to work with the people who live near the airport regarding noise level if they are able and within airport guiding rules and FAA regulations for airlines.

I also personally endorse the following candidates for County Council: Barry Buchanan and Rud Browne, plus Ken Mann and Carl Weimer for re-election. All four are concerned with jobs in our area, environment, Lake Whatcom drinking water plus our productive farmlands.

All six candidates are concerned citizens first and want to help guide the port and the County Council.

Adrienne Lederer


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