Supports McAuley for port post


I first met Mike McAuley while working as a newspaper reporter for The Northern Light in Blaine. Specifically, I was covering a candidate's forum in Birch Bay. I don't remember what they were discussing in particular, I just remember thinking he sounded really genuine. It was really refreshing.

Once he was elected, the thing I noticed right away about Mike is that he always made himself available. Every time I called him to ask him a question about port business, he would get back to me almost always immediately. He was probably the most transparent public official I have ever interviewed. And I appreciate that because I think governments and democracy work better when the citizens know what's going on.

After I moved on from journalism, I still kept up with Mike from time to time and now I am working on his campaign because I really do believe in him.

I can honestly say the more I get to know Mike, the more I realize he is exactly who he says he is. He does his homework, he is dedicated to his job as a public servant, and he is honest all the way through. We need more people like him at the port, where for too long, I believe it's been too easy for commissioners to fall asleep at the helm. We need navigators like Mike who are alert, cognizant and nimble and who will steer the development of our community's greatest asset -- our waterfront -- into vibrant new horizons.

Tara Nelson


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