Backs McAuley, Kowalczyk for port


I am writing to express my support for Michael McAuley and Renata Kowalczyk for our port commission. Those of us who know Mike and Renata know they are the types of individuals who listen and do their homework. And that is exactly the kind of leadership we need at the port.

Government works better when it's transparent. And for too long, the port has been a nebulous entity that conducts most of its business out of sight of the general public. Mike and Renata believe in transparency and accountability by, for example, rescheduling meeting times from afternoons to evenings or taping them for the web or TV. Each time Mike made these proposals during his current term, they were met with resistance from the other commissioners and staff. Yet, he vows to keep trying and with Renata's help, success is within reach.

The port commission of next year will have a real and lasting impact on residents in terms of the type of development that occurs and the amount of public waterfront access that will be available. Mike and Renata have been endorsed by both labor and environmental groups. They share experience and dedication to ensure the best interests of the Whatcom County community at large.

I hope you'll join me in backing Mike and Renata when your ballot arrives this fall.

Ruth Higgins


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