Wants council that can work together


On Wednesday night I went to the County Council debates sponsored by the Building Industry Association.

Ken Mann and Bill Elenbass exhibited the kind of respectful, spirited interchange that makes us proud to be part of the political process. They actually listen to each other and answered the questions. Carl Weimer and Michelle Luke also treated each other with respect and stayed on topic.

Rud Browne stopped talking when he had answered a question. That was refreshing! Bill Knutzen filled every minute, and by the time he was finished talking I found it hard to remember what he said or why.

I believe the worst moment of the evening belonged to Kathy Kershner. Rather than address a question directly, she accused her opponent, Barry Buchanan, of being a Democrat and therefore responsible for a proposal that he did not even support. Moreover, she used the word "Democrat" with such contempt that the hair rose up on the back of my neck. She went on to say how proud she was to hold an elected office in the Republican Party.

Partisan posturing such as this and contempt toward opponents is not useful for any purpose except to promote the type of gridlock we now suffer in Washington DC. We need officials who can rise above that sort of behavior if we are going to forge solutions to the problems we face in Whatcom County.

Judy Hopkinson


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