Holmgren, Roley shine for Sehome


The Sehome girls' swim team defeated Bellingham 119-64 on Tuesday, Oct. 1, at the Arne Hanna Acquatic Center.

Hannah Holmgren and Gwen Roley led the Mariners with four total race wins each. Holmgren was a part of the 200 medley and 200 freestyle relay teams, while also winning the 50 freestyle and 100 breaststroke individual races. Roley took home wins in the 200 medley and 400 freestyle relay races, while also winning in the 500 freestyle and 100 backstroke.

"(Sehome) is strong," Bellingham coach Jeff Anderson said in a phone interview. "Don spread them out so that they could do really well."

Maddie Gillman and Chloe Steinkamp won for Bellingham.

"I think it was a good meet," Anderson said. "My girls had 47 best times, and I was really proud of their effort."


200 medley relay: Megan Mundell, Hannah Holmgren, McKenna Sakamoto, Gwen Roley (Sehome) 2:04.71; 200 freestyle: Ellie Poehlman (Sehome) 2:12.05; 200 individual medley: Chloe Steinkamp (Bellingham) 2:35.86; 50 freestyle: Hannah Holmgren (Sehome) 27.53; Diving: Ellie Kindlund (Bellingham) 154.15; 100 butterfly: Shirley Lam (Sehome) 1:09.06; 100 freestyle: Maddie Gillman (Bellingham) 56.92; 500 freestyle: Gwen Roley, (Sehome) 5:37.81; 200 freestyle relay: Shirley Lam, Sophie Grambo, Hannah Holmgren, Ellie Poehlman (Sehome) 1:51.94; 100 backstroke: Gwen Roley (Sehome) 1:04.10; 100 breaststroke: Hannah Holmgren (Sehome) 1:13.70; 400 freestyle relay: Megan Mundell, Ellie Poehlman, Shirley Lam, Gwen Roley (Sehome) 4:05.46.

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