Suggests slate for County Council


Carl Weimer's eight years of service on the Whatcom County Council show him to be hardworking, thoughtful, knowledgeable and deeply concerned about the well-being of Whatcom residents. That's why Carl is my top choice for county council this November.

Council makes important decisions that affect the long-term health of our county. I believe Carl, in sharp contrast to several other council members, carefully balances the economics, environmental impacts and effects on ordinary citizens. Data and analysis, not ideological platitudes, help Carl decide how to vote.

For more on Carl's exceptional qualities, see his website. has a long list of the many current and former public officials, organizations and more than 300 citizens who support him. Carl's website contains important insights into his thinking on critical local issues, such as healthy drinking water from Lake Whatcom, cost effectiveness of a new jail, whether or not to permit the proposed coal-export terminal at Cherry Point, and protection of our agricultural and rural areas.

To help Carl Weimer govern well, please vote also for Ken Mann, Rud Browne, and Barry Buchanan.

Eric Hirst


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