Suggests returning McAuley to port post


It's time again for local elections and along with it a slew of boring letters to the editor loaded with the same old, same old talking points in support of each letter writer's candidate of choice, and others that will sling mud and surreptitious innuendos at the opposition.

I'll spare you the tedium and keep this letter short and sweet.

I'm voting to reelect Mike McAuley for port commissioner because (OK, here are my talking points, sorry) during his tenure as port commissioner Mike:

Cut port taxes by 5 percent;

Was instrumental in remodeling the old cold storage building in Fairhaven now known as Index Sensors and Controls;

Implemented the LED street light installation at Bellingham International Airport, cutting the port's energy bills on that project almost in half. The lights also cost about $10,000 less than what the port would have spent on standard lights;

Advocates for working waterfronts in Bellingham and Blaine that can support the men and women in industries that are already there.

I believe Mike McAuley has proven time and time again his strong work ethic and personal commitment to conservation in both his public and private life.

My purpose in writing this letter and the main reason why I'm behind Mike McAuley 100 percent is because he is a man of honor and integrity, and we can count on him once again to serve us well as port commissioner.

Judith Lockwood


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