Election View: Goodrich working to bring economic growth to Ferndale


Looking back over the past four years that I have been on the Ferndale City Council, we have accomplished a lot in these tough economic times. Yet there are still various needs within the city. We have roads that need to be repaired, traffic signal issues on Main Street, additional police officers to bring our police force up to full strength and social issues that need funding.

So how do we accomplish these issues? To me the solution is the economic growth of our city, not by the raising taxes or fees. Without economic growth we do not have the funds to do all the projects that need to be completed. Without economic growth we do not have local jobs. Without economic growth we continue to bleed funds to Bellingham.

So what needs to be done? If I am reelected I will continue to work to try and bring economic growth to Ferndale. First, I will bring forward a reduction in impact fees charged to developers. It is my feeling that lower fees make Ferndale more attractive. Right now vacant land does not provide jobs nor needed revenue to the city and we have a lot of good commercial land waiting to be developed.

Second, I will request that we look again at the partnership proposed earlier this year with the Lummi Nation. Part of the proposal was for the city to share revenue with the nation. The split was 75 percent for Ferndale, 25 percent for Lummi Nation. I thought this partnership was very fair and was a great starting point for other partnerships. What we ended up with was 100 percent of nothing.

For the past six years I have heard the same thing over and over: "Development is coming to Ferndale." What I have not seen are the retail and hotel developments that our city needs. Bellingham is doing a great job at this. We need to wake up and do a better job here in Ferndale. If I am reelected this coming November, I will continue to work toward bring jobs and economic growth to Ferndale.


Brent Goodrich is the incumbent Ferndale City Council member for District 7. Vote-by-mail ballots will be mailed Oct. 19 and the general election is Nov. 5.

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