Artist Point near Mount Baker closes after weekend snowfall

THE BELLINGHAM HERALDSeptember 30, 2013 

GLACIER — Artist Point and the section of road leading up to it closed for the season Monday morning, Sept. 30.

Six inches of snow fell in the North Cascades during the weekend storms, with more expected Monday night.

"Winter weather for Mount Baker is just about right on schedule, and there's no messing around up here when it comes," said Tony Hernandez, maintenance superintendent with the Washington State Department of Transportation . “This closure is a little earlier than the past few years. But we also opened on July 1, which was earlier than usual, too."

Maintenance workers with WSDOT closed the gate just above Mt. Baker Ski Area, blocking off the last three miles of Mount Baker Highway leading up to Artist Point.

The road opened for summer on July 1 (go to this WSDOT Flickr page to see photos of crews clearing the road in June) . Last year it closed for fall and winter on Oct. 16, according to the DOT.

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