Questions Syria, health care actions


I went to one of the most positive town hall meetings on the Affordable Heath Care Act. The young man, graduate of UW, went through his slides to a round of applause. I asked one question: "How is this sustainable?" After much stumbling and bumbling -- he admitted "I don't know." Nancy Pelosi said "Let's pass it and see what's in it." What a mess. So here we are at Syria. With no determined outcome and the President saying "Let's send a warning to Syria."

Once again I ask a question: "What is the outcome?" Unlike Obamacare, this could start a World conflict and we can't be like Nancy Pelosi, "Let's do it, and we'll see what happens."

Finally, other questions that have not been answered "Where was the President the night of the Benghazi attack? Who gave the order to stand down, the result being Americans dead?" Ask questions, get answers.

Carl Angell


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