Supports striking BTC instructors


I am a father, I am living off a credit card, and I don't know how I am going to pay rent this coming month. That being said, a common sentiment has been that instructors have no right to complain about their salaries "in this economy." This seems to me to be extremely short sighted. The way I see it, "in this economy" is exactly when workers need to band together and demand fair treatment. Is that the future you want for yourself? Do you want to take a job where the administration gives themselves raises, while the buying power of your paycheck is shrinking each year? It's happening all over this country, and contributing to the decline of the middle class. I have to wonder if those who are upset have a working knowledge of what inflation is and how it works. Do they realize instructors, because of inflation, are making less money today than they were five years ago? Placing your frustration with the teachers fails to realize there are two parties involved, BTC could have ended this strike by offering a fair contract. Not only have they refused to do so, BTC has derailed bargaining while the strike goes on. The real point is we need to stand together as workers. Employers will always be willing to pay you less; we have to stand up for ourselves. We need to build each other up in this country. I support the instructors striking for a fair contract.

Chris Lombardi


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