Supports striking BTC instructors


As a recent graduate from BTC's LPN program I support the striking faculty 100 percent. I know how committed they are to their work as educators and mentors. They deserve adequate compensation and to be treated respectfully as the professional adults that they are. Paying people to pose as students to go undercover in classrooms as a means to evaluate teacher performance is just so wrong as well as being a waste of money. Surveillance is a euphemism for spying.

I appreciate all the new buildings on campus, which in addition to improving the working environment for staff and students alike, also created living wage jobs for builders. However if money is limited, fair compensation for faculty should take priority over other spending. Tuition increased significantly over the past few years. What is that money being spent on exactly? What salaries are the administrators making?

The faculty is the heart and soul of the college. Without them there is no BTC. I ask the college president to please treat workers fairly, mediate in good faith rather than litigate, and stop using what I believe to be divide-and-conquer tactics by attempting to pit students against faculty. Not receiving financial aid is a hardship for many students, but is unlikely to cause "irreparable harm." Thanks to the support staff for the work you do to keep the school running and for respecting the faculty picket line.

Sharon Avolio


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