Thanks instructors at technical college


This letter is to voice my support for the faculty during the contract negotiations at Bellingham Technical College. My son and I are recent graduates.

I started the journey of attending BTC four years ago, after a "reduction in force" in the manufacturing industry after 18 years of employment in that industry. Re-entering into a new field of study during middle age is not an easy venture. It was the kindness, passion, thorough education of materials, professionalism and consideration of each instructor that helped to see me and many of my graduating classmates through the journey.

I witnessed the full-time passion and student support that an instructor must endure. These instructors have to constantly stay up on current changes in the health care legalities, and advancements which of course changes the lecture materials and tests. The start of clinicals the instructors go into 24-hour-a-day availability and support to their students and the clinics they attend.

I ask that you please respect, admire and compensate the outstanding (and often unseen) faculty that leave a lifelong impact on each and every student that steps foot into your college. To each and every instructor, thank you so very much for all of your support, passion, investment into your students, and your continued dedication to your students.

Jo-Ann Wynne


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