Wants port leaders who will listen


Past elections for port commissioners have been uneventful, and often candidates ran for office unopposed. This year is different! Two of the three commissioners are up for election and the candidates have significantly different views about critical issues that will impact the lives of all Whatcom County residents.

The critical issues that we face include waterfront development, airport expansion and potential ramifications of a coal terminal at Cherry Point. In my opinion, Renata Kowalczyk and Mike McAuley have demonstrated that, as commissioners, they will approach these issues with the best interest of the residents of Whatcom County in mind.

"The point is, I understand what you are experiencing, I listen to you to determine what are the possibilities, and what are the solutions." "I am committed to listening to you, and to work with you to find solutions." - Renata

"My job is to care about what you perceive as a problem in your neighborhood." "I will reach out to the community, find out what are the issues, determine what are the possibilities, and commit to a solution." - Mike

There is a clear choice in this election. If you want a commissioner that will listen to, and work for, the people of Whatcom County; if you want a commissioner who will balance economic growth with quality of life, I believe you should vote for Renata Kowalczyk and Mike McAuley.

John Van Haalen


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