Concerned about modified foods


I-522 is to label genetically engineered food in our grocery stores.

Four corporations - Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, DuPont plus the Grocery Manufacturers Association, which represents 300 corporations, have gathered $11 million from what I believe to be pesticide and junk food manufacturers to oppose this.

None of the companies are even based in Washington State.

Obama's campaign was championed on being honest, fair and open. Well, here's their chance.

We just want to know what's in our food and we want the choice of buying what is presented to us or rejecting it.

On the November ballot, you have that choice.

Since these corporations see fit to feed us poisons, such as GMO Roundup, in our basic food products such as corn, wheat and soy, then as Americans, we should have the choice to reject it but it has to be labeled in order for us to know. Right now, these products are on the market but you are unaware because there is nothing in the label to tell you.

I've read that 19 other countries have refused to plant their GMO products and others have refused to buy American products that have GMO in them.

Do you care what is in your food? Are these people worthy of your trust?

LaVonne Howard

Birch Bay

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