Says Lummi object to coal terminal


I was disturbed by your recent article, "Feds still see wiggle room in Lummi Nation position on coal terminal." In it, the Army Corps of Engineers and developer SSA Marine discuss the issue without any representation by the Lummi themselves. Muffy Walker, the Army Corps' regulatory branch chief, concludes that the Lummi position on the Cherry Point coal terminal is not "firm enough to stop her agency's review process." I am curious as to where she has been over the past year as the Lummi have come out strongly against this project, adopting a formal position in 2012 opposing it. In their own words, they have said "the project will result in significant, unavoidable, and unacceptable interference with treaty rights and irreversible and irretrievable damage to Lummi spiritual values" ( Tribal members have just set off on the Kwel hoy' Totem Pole journey in which they will travel the proposed coal train route from the Powder River Basin back to Cherry Point with a totem pole created by the Lummi House of Tears carvers. The meaning of Kwel hoy' is "We draw the line;" and the line is clearly being drawn in strong opposition to the coal port on their sacred land and waters.

Wendy Courtemanche


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