Sehome boys and girls win cross country meet, girls sweep top five

THE BELLINGHAM HERALDSeptember 26, 2013 

The Sehome boys' and girls' cross country teams defeated city rivals Bellingham and Squalicum, Wednesday, Sept. 25, at Lake Padden Park. The Mariners' girls' team swept the top five individual finishers in the meet led by Ruby Watson's time of 15 minutes, 59.40 seconds in the 2.6-mile race.

The boys' race was won by Squalicum's Chris Fredlund in a time of 13:10.40. Fredlund led the Storm to second place in the boys' meet as the team finished with 43 points. Sehome was first with 28 points and Bellingham was third with 61 points.

"Fredlund looked very strong in winning today," Bellingham coach Bill McClement said in a phone interview. "Sehome has a very impressive girls team."

Having swept the top five in the girls' race, Sehome finished with 15 points, followed by Bellingham with 46 points and Squalicum with 85 points. Zanna Sullivan was second for the Mariners' girls, with a time of 16:16.50. Her teammate Emily Pittis was third with a time of 16:17.30.

Sehome's Kirby Overman was second in the boys' race with a time of 13:16.80, followed by teammate Riley Allsop at 13:27.90. Bellingham's top runner in the boys' race was Simon Maguire, who was fourth overall with a time of 13:30.10.

Leah Veldhuisen led the Bellingham girls' team with a time of 16:43.30, and Squalicum's Rachel Phipps led her team by finishing in 17:55.10.

Bellingham's girls finished all at once, with a difference of only 16.70 seconds from the Red Raiders' leader, Veldhuisen, to their seventh runner, Ella Denham-Conroy. Denham-Conroy finished in 17:00.00.

Bellingham and Squalicum next race in the Mount Baker Invite at 11 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 28, at Silver Lake Park. Sehome travels to Montana for the Mountain West Classic, Saturday, Sept. 28, in Missoula, Mont.

At Lake Padden Park

2.6 miles


Team scores: 1. Sehome 28; 2. Squalicum 43; 3. Bellingham 61

Top individual finishers: 1. Chris Fredlund (Squalicum) 13:10.40; 2. Kirby Overman (Sehome) 13:16.80; 3. Riley Allsop (Sehome) 13:27.90

Sehome: Overman 13:16.80; Allsop 13:27.90; Nathan LeTavec 13:51.00; Noah Ringler 13:52.40; Colton Johnsen 14:08.20; Alex Schneider 14:20.40; Carter Johnson 14:23.30.

Squalicum: Fredlund 13:10.40; Nick Gallaher 13:57.40; Jared Radtke 14:04.90; Dillon Rinauro 14:16.20; Chais Sugden 14:31.80; North Bennett 14:43.20; Luke Jordan 15:37.70.

Bellingham: Simon Maguire 13:30.10; Jacob Stahl 13:46.60; Grant Rienstra 14:58.50; Aidan Glaze 15:04.30; Levi DeYoung 15:34.40; Andrew Twedt 15:38.00; Jonah Short-Miller 15:42.10.


Team scores: 1. Sehome 15; 2. Bellingham 46; 3. Squalicum 85

Top individual finishers: 1. Ruby Watson (Sehome) 15:59.40; 2. Zanna Sullivan (Sehome) 16:16.50; 3. Emily Pittis (Sehome) 16:17.30

Sehome: Watson 15:59.40; Sullivan 16:16.50; Pittis 16:17.30; Ellie Rowan-Arnett 16:17.60; Dana Ringler 16:43.00; Jessa Clark 15:49.90; Abby Johnson 16:50.40.

Bellingham: Leah Veldhuisen 16:43.30; Maya Norton 16:46.80; Abby Walker 16:51.80; Madeline Prentiss 16:53.70; Sarah Rubin 16:54.90; Julia Latimer 16:57.60; Ella Denham-Conroy 17:00.00.

Squalicum: Rachel Phipps 17:55.10; Christina Lilleston 18:06.10; Hailey Linville 18:59.60; Sydney Arndorfer 19:05.10; Kristin Smith 19:50.40; Justine Johnson 20:18.90; Jordan Sims 20:30.60.

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