Wants labels for engineered foods


I believe corporate anti-label ad buys lead to biased information.

More 350,000 Washington voters signed the petition to bring I-522, an act to label genetically engineered foods, to the ballot in Washington State.

Now just four corporations - Monsanto, Bayer, Dow and Dupont - plus the Grocery Manufacturers Association, which represents more than 300 corporations, are spending millions to buy the election. Who's the biggest spender of them all? Monsanto, of course, which (so far) has dumped more than $5.2 million into the No on I-522 campaign.

I believe nearly all of the money in the No on I-522 war chest comes from pesticide and junk food manufacturers. Not one of those companies is based in Washington State. Yet they are so determined to keep Washington voters from winning the right to honest labeling, that they are willing to spend millions on TV and radio ads to defeat this initiative. Do you think they have our interests at heart? Remember the bridge for sale?

Is this really want we want for our state? Corporate interests overriding what is good for individuals and families? Or at least indoctrinating those who might not be able to pay attention with blasts of biased and phony arguments against what I believe is the best route: label and let the consumer decide. Hey, they have to label to market in most other countries, and have no trouble doing so.

Pete Asprey


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