Supports Weimer for County Council


I believe we should re-elect Carl Weimer, the true conservative for County Council District 3. Conservatism is "a political and social philosophy that promotes retaining traditional social institutions."

Let's review the candidates' positions.

1. Protect agriculture and forestry. Carl has consistently supported smart growth and farmers. His opponent has promoted systematic efforts to convert rural lands to residential and commercial development.

2. Stewardship of your tax dollars. Carl spends your dollars carefully. I believe his opponent, with allies in planning and council, has generated multiple legally incompliant comprehensive plans. They've wasted hundreds of thousands writing defective plans and defending them at appeals board and court. As a result, the county is ineligible for state grants and cannot levy development impact fees.

3. Environmental conservatism. Whatcom County's healthy land, air and water are our heritage. Carl's conservative approach on Lake Whatcom water quality is to reduce pollution and watershed development. Carl's opponent's stand is to continue development and have taxpayers foot the cleanup bill.

I believe Carl's opponent and her allies confuse property rights with ownership entitlement. They believe that government should butt out and the rest of us subsidize their profits with taxes and the destruction of our heritage.

Conserve our heritage. Vote for Carl Weimer.

Jim Hansen


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