Rant: Upset over rude encounter at Lake Padden


Today I went for a walk with my daughters at Lake Padden. One daughter and I walked the horse trails so our dog could be off-leash. I put the dog back on leash as we entered the main trail. As we approached other families with other dogs we came upon one of the rudest people I've ever witnessed while enjoying the outdoors.

The man saw a woman walking her dog. The dog was off-leash in the on-leash area. Did he kindly ask her to please put her dog back on leash? No. He literally yelled - loudly, I might add - for her to "put your dog on leash! Right now!" His goal, I suppose, was to humiliate her.

Further down the trail, he did it again, to another owner. It's true, that the owners should have had their dogs on-leash in that part of the park. But, there was no need to yell at all. If that man and his dogs are so afraid of other dogs, then perhaps he should not go where they might be.

Bottom line, though, there was no cause for that level of rudeness. Mr. Dog Owner of five fluffy white dogs who was at Lake Padden on Labor Day, figure out a way to convey what you want without being so rude.

I bet those people would have been happy to leash their dogs if you said (in your kindest voice) "please put your dog on a leash." Instead, you raised your blood pressure and that of the many people who had to endure your loud, unpleasant voice.

Learn how to be nice.

Carrie Chute of Bellingham

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