Says griefs sends wrong message


Twelve years after the 9-11 attack, our government offices are disgracefully flying our national flag at half-mast. Al-Qaeda terrorists see that and cheer, "We set out to permanently traumatize them, and succeeded!"

Let's put the attack in perspective. About 3,000 people died, and we lost the World Trade Center. In World War II in Europe, tens of millions died, and much of the continent lay in ruins. Twelve years after, the Europeans were more busy rebuilding than they were nursing grievances.

Here in the U.S., around 14,000 people are murdered annually. Forty thousand die in car accidents. The numbers dwarf the 9-11 deaths, but life goes on.

Let's send a message to those who would attack us: America is too big, too strong, to full of our daily work and goals for our future, to still be looking back and grieving over what should be regarded as a minor disaster.

Eric Bowen


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