Wants increased labeling for foods


I very much appreciate Jordan Schrader's story about the massive influx of campaign money that Monsanto (and now DuPont) is pouring into our state to try to keep Washington voters from choosing to have genetically modified organisms labeled in the foods we buy. They are trying to nip their problem in the bud just like they did in California. I believe if they can create fear and confusion, and in other ways get people to vote against this common sense measure, they won't have anyone asking questions about genetically modified organisms. Without questions, I believe they think that we won't find out why so many other places in the world have banned them. Technology has its place in solving the world's problems, but putting money into the pockets of multinational corporations isn't a problem our state needs to solve. The solution to hunger and starvation includes working for peace, education and justice. How are these corporations furthering those goals? There may be a place for certain genetically modified organisms in the world, but until I can make informed choices about them, I don't want genetically modified organisms in the food our family eats. I believe these corporations fear that if we are informed, we may not choose to buy products made with genetically modified organisms. Convince me, if you can, that genetically modified organisms are safe, but let me read the label of food that I buy to know whether or not it contains genetically modified organisms.

John Hatten


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