Says I-522 about consumers' rights


In their Opinion piece, "I-522 is misleading, costly food-labelling initiative" on Sept. 13, Henry Bierlink and Charles Anholt try to make the case that foods containing genetically modified ingredients are perfectly safe and that the consumer has nothing to worry about. Just trust the agro-industrial complex.

Initiative 522 simply proposes the consumers' right to know what they are buying. If genetically modified ingredients are added to a food product, the consumer has a right to know that. The onus should not be on the producers who eschew genetically modified organisms to prove that their product is unadulterated.

They fail to even offer an argument supporting their case that I-522 is misleading or costly, but rather offer what I believe to be a red herring that genetically modified organisms are safe.

I-522 takes no position on safety.

The initiative simply affirms the consumer's right to know.

The fact that Monsanto, a near genetically modified organism monopolist, has poured millions of dollars into promoting what I believe to be this misleading opposition to I-522, and will likely add tens of millions more closer to election time, should raise deep concern for the integrity of public food policy.

I-522 is simply about the consumer's right to know. I believe it is not misleading in any way.

Bierlink and Anholt are both respected leaders in the community. It is unfortunate that they should write an opinion piece that I believe is misleading.

Jeremy Brown


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