Marilyn Dunne and Jerome Wylie

September 22, 2013 

We made it to our 25th anniversary, after 8 years of dating, so really it's 33 years! We met at the ultra romantic legendary Fairhaven Bar in 1980. Sept 24,1988 we were married at Lairmont Manor in Bellingham,WA. We spent our honeymoon in Portugal, and then settled in to family life with daughter Clea (then 10). In 1993, our daughter Ellie was born. We now have 3 grandchildren; Logan 10, Wylie 8, and Ansley 6 who reside in Telluride, Colorado with Clea and her husband Dustin. Since our 50th would suggest one of us will be mid 90's and the photo wouldn't be so pretty, I am surprising Jeromeo with this announcement! This photo was taken in Bucerias, Mexico, a region where we traveled often. Our hope is to enjoy the coming years with our adult kids, grandkids, infamous dogs, remodeling nightmares, and traveling more in southern Europe, SOON!! We plan to celebrate by taking a quiet (no dogs, mail, or travel time) trip to the San Juan Islands.

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