Concerned about encouraging marijuana


I think the voters are generally right but they were dead wrong in passing the marijuana initiative.

What message were they sending to the younger generation after we've tried to discourage the use of pot for all these many years? I have seen the effect of pot on the psyches of teens, the loss of ambition and initiative.

Do we need a pot store on every other corner or every few miles out in the county? The taverns are already there. We can already assume that in a majority of cases of automobile fatalities, the cause can be traced back to carousing in a tavern or bar. Driving a motor vehicle under the influence of pot can be hazardous as well.

Voters must have been seeing dollar signs when they voted. A recent Herald article suggested a tax of $50 an ounce on pot. How realistic is that?

Apparently federal law no longer applies to the states. Maybe South Carolina was right all along.

I visualize opium dens and Yemeni- or Sudanese-like sessions of mind-numbing kat.

When smoked, marijuana produces over 2,000 harmful chemicals that enter the body through the lungs.

A marijuana high can give a person a false sense of achieving new insights. I have to ask: Isn't life enough of a challenge even when we're thinking clearly?

Bob Hall


Editor's note: Bob Hall is a former member of the Bellingham City Council.

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