Suggests compensation for train noise


I read where port candidates are willing to compensate homeowners for the airport noise. This is a wonderful idea! Why not compensate homeowners for train noise? People have to listen to train noise 24/7 that is louder than some airport noise. BNSF has done nothing to reduce noise in our community! BNSF has not been a good neighbor.

BNSF claims that this bedlam is all due to federal regulations. Railroad CEO's act like train horn regulations can never be changed. The Federal Railroad Administration should mandate that all railroads establish quite zones when traveling through urban areas. Our police and fire vehicles only use sirens during emergency situations, not while passing through every intersection 24/7. More information at:

Last year Buffett's BNSF earned $884 million! Buffett could spend some of his money researching how to make his trains quieter and less disruptive just like the airplane engine manufactures do. Buffett is a multi-billionaire philanthropist who should be willing to help the sleepless in Seattle and everywhere. If Whatcom County can afford to buy out airport homeowners, then Buffet can easily afford to purchase local homes. Then the BNSF would have enough right-of-way sidings for all Buffett's coal, oil and freight trains.

Tom Gilmore


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