Reader poem: "'Twas the Night Before Christmas"


'Twas the night before Christmas

Different than before

Where life keeps on changing

So what is in store

We get older while young have just grown

We keep the child within us

Because it's the only life we have known

But now you are a senior in life's greatest span

How do you handle the issues at hand?

Grandchildren slowly show on the scene

Your children have gone way past eighteen

But the dreams of St. Nicholas are heavy on our heart.

And the birth of Jesus, where life really starts

But what do you do when children go astray

You love them to pieces, wish them Merry Christmas today

Christmas and Easter are times families must bond

No matter the problem, your answer is in song

So in parting you covet those most in need

Have a very Merry Christmas, your heart is relieved

- Darryl Ehlers, Lynden

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