Happy with expanded terminal study


In Gateway Pacific Terminal's latest newspaper insert they quote the Washington State Wire from Aug. 2, 2013, as follows:

"An essentially political decision by The State Department of Ecology to inject train traffic and worldwide climate-change concerns into a review of a local coal-port proposal is bringing gasps from business and labor. The precedent-shattering decision appears certain to have enormous implications for the Washington economy and some are wondering if it might be read as a chilling message for future industrial development in the state."

Using this quote in the manner that Gateway Pacific did sounds almost like blackmail to me. Is this what Whatcom County really wants from a corporation that wants to do business here? Furthermore, it makes me wonder if SSA Marine, as well as other corporate interests across the country, are more worried that Washington state's example of protecting the environment by looking at the whole picture might become the standard that all new projects of this size might be subjected.

I can only assume that their real concerns are not about jobs or protecting the environment but about the billions of dollars that they and others will have to spend in future planning to make sure that the environment is considered and protected as much as possible. I commend Department of Ecology for their concern about our environment.

Bill Walker

Maple Falls

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