Backs Rud Browne for County Council


I had a chance to talk with Rud Browne the other day. Rud is running for Whatcom County Council. He shares my views on issues that are important to me and my community. Rud believes in a jail that has the aspect of not just incarceration, but also rehabilitation, especially in regards to literacy. Rud believes that decisions as a County Council member should be based on the question - "is it good for businesses?" Strong, healthy businesses mean living wage jobs, and Rud has solid experience in this area; his company Ryzex provided 140 jobs in Whatcom County. Rud is a rare combination of a conservative and conservationist. He supports property rights but believes that we do not live in isolation, and we need to also be responsible to the environment where our neighbors live. I believe Rud is a much better fit as a County Council member than his opponent. Rud has much more business experience. Rud had also served on a dozen community or ganizations versus the one that Bill Knudzen served on when Bill started in office; Rud is willing to understand both sides of every issue and find common ground. And inspite of all of this, he's a pretty humble guy. He has my vote for County Council.

Nancy Orlowski


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