Supports slate for city, county councils


Thanks for your awesome support for my six years on city council. Being a strong citizen legislator is hard work. Decisions by councils and commissions are dependent on mutual respect. In this fall election, I am supporting Pinky Vargas and Roxanne Murphy to represent us in the next four years. Both are experienced in community work and will listen to others while working to build support of colleagues on the important issues facing our city. The County Council also faces huge challenges. As members strive to understand the issues, listening is an essential skill. They need to value facts over opinions and look to the future in voting for what is the best for their citizens, keeping the big picture in mind. I proudly support Ken Mann, Carl Weimer, Barry Buchanan and Rud Browne for County Council. An example of why I favor these four candidates: The reconveyance of DNR land to county parks use is a most important opportunity to protect Lake Whatcom. Carl and Ken, incumbents, were unwavering in their support. Candidate Rud, a former Watershed Advisory Board member, lead the way rallying support from the business community while incumbent Bill Knutzen spouted conspiracy theories. Barry Buchanan, as a former City Council member, supported the decision, and his opponent, Kathy Kershner, waffled back and forth, and eventually, begrudgingly, voted for it after it was certain to pass.

Stan Snapp


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