Bellingham company offering training videos for Lean business practices

Posted by DAVE GALLAGHER on September 12, 2013 

For businesses looking to become more efficient, a Bellingham company is offering a web-based system for those who want to learn about Lean practices.

Uttana is launching hundreds of videos focused on Lean, a business practice that involves preserving/creating value through less work. It was first developed by Toyota and is used in a variety of companies, particularly in manufacturing.

"We are taking workplace learning out of the classroom and directly to the  factory floor," said Collin McLoughlin, president of uttana, in a news release. "With uttana, you can stream our material right to your phone or tablet so there is no barrier between learning, applying and sharing."

Uttana is free to use, however accessing some of the content requires a membership fee at The company also provides study guies, transcripts and presentations for download.

They also have a sense of humor. It's not often you can tie lean business practices and zombies to get a message across, but it's done on the company's intro video. Here's the (link) to the YouTube video.

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