Friends of Sumas Library plan a knit-in; monsters optional


"The Big Book of Knitted Monsters," by Rebecca Danger

"The Big Book of Knitted Monsters," by Rebecca Danger


SUMAS - No one can accuse the Friends of the Sumas Library of a fossil-like mentality, even though they affectionately call themselves FOSL.

Although none of the members knit - not yet, anyway - president Cayla Samms said they would like to see both experienced and neophyte knitters show up for what she calls "a unique local library event" involving playfully knitted "monsters."

There likely won't be any yawns with this yarn when the Friends hold their first Sumas "Knit-In" from 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, Sept. 21, at the Sumas Senior Center, across the hall from the library.

Rebecca Danger of Bothell, the author of two recent knitting books, will be guest speaker. From the looks of the "monsters" in her books, both the young and the young-at-heart will find them creative uses for yarn.

She will have copies on hand of "The Big Book of Knitted Monsters: Mischievous, Lovable Toys," and her follow-up book, "Knit a Monster Nursery: Practical and Playoff Knitted Baby Patterns"

Question: Cayla, how did your group come up with this idea?

Answer: Our library manager, Karin Schulhauser, came up with the idea and suggested it to us. We have a very active, enthusiastic knitting group that meets here, although none of the Friends are knitters, and I think they inspired Karin. She's always looking for new fundraising ideas to promote the library. Her brain just works like that.

We just thought this would be an unusual, fun idea. Our knitting group thought this was a great idea, especially with such a good guest speaker.

Q: Are you hoping to see the "knit-in" grow?

A: Absolutely! I visited five knitting shops (in Whatcom County) and they were all enthusiastic about it. They have donated door prizes and have helped promote the event with our posters.

If the public responds well to this new idea, we would like to partner with other libraries and with the knitting shops, too. We would love to see this expand to a large event, if that's what people would like to see.

Q: Is the event free?

A: Yes, though we would love if people who attend would make a donation to the library. We'll have plenty of refreshments. We would also love to expose more people to what the library offers.

Q: Rebecca Danger's "monsters" look like great gifts for kids.

A: They're wonderful. I really think anyone with an interest in knitting will find her creations a lot of fun. It should be interesting to learn how she creates this unusual knitting. Just having knitters share their passion and their ideas should make this a great event.


What: Sumas Friends of the Library "Knit-in," featuring guest author Rebecca Danger of Bothell.

When: 9 a.m. to noon Saturday, Sept. 21.

Where: Sumas Senior Center, 451 W. Second St.

Admission: Free, though donations are encouraged

Details: and

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