Sehome boys and girls run away with league meet

THE BELLINGHAM HERALDSeptember 12, 2013 

12 Berthusen XC

Sehome's Zanna Sullivan wins the first cross country meet of the season at Berthusen Park in Lynden, Wednesday, Sept. 11, 2013.


Kirby Overman and Nathan LeTavec led Sehome to a big win in a Northwest Conference boys' cross country meet between Sehome, Mount Baker, Lynden and Blaine on Wednesday, Sept. 11, at Berthusen Park. Overman finished the 3.4K course first with a time of 11 minutes and 30 seconds, with LeTavec following him in 11:43.

Shelby Miles of Mount Baker rounded out the top three with a time of 11:47. Thomas Swineford led Lynden with a time of 12:21, and Alex Dodge was Blaine's first runner in 14:12.

Ishmael Villaluz was Mount Baker's second runner with a time of 12:13. Lynden's second runner was Anthony Ricci at 13:20, while Blaine's second runner, Greg Arps, came in at 14:52.

Sehome won the boys' meet with a score of 18, followed by Mount Baker at 50. Lynden finished with 73 points, and Blaine had 111.

On the girls' side, Sehome swept the top four, led by Zanna Sullivan's time of 13:45. Ruby Watson and Ellie Rowan-Arnett were second and third, respectively, coming in at the same time, 13:53.

Emily Pittis was the fourth overall for Sehome with a time of 13:54. Mount Baker was led by Kelsie Nern's time of 13:56, and Lynden was led by Grace Sauter's time of 15:44. Blaine was led by Hillary Kiele, who ran in a time of 14:23.

Mount Baker's second runner was Katie Buss at 14:38. Cynthia Anker came in second for Lynden with a time of 18:35. Blaine's second runner, Kieya Villars, finished in a time of 15:28.

Sehome won the girls' meet with a score of 16. Mount Baker took second with a score of 47, followed by Lynden with 83 points. Blaine did not have enough runners to register an official score.

Blaine, Sehome and Mount Baker will meet again at 10 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 14, at Civic Field for the Sehome Invitational. Lynden will take the weekend off, resuming competition at 4 p.m. Sept. 18, at Whatcom Falls Park for another NWC league meet.

At Berthusen Park

3.4 km


Team scores: 1. Sehome 18; 2. Mount Baker 50; 3. Lynden 73; 4. Blaine 111

Top individual finishers: 1. Kirby Overman (Sehome) 11;30; 2. Nathan LeTavec (Sehome) 11:43; 3. Shelby Miles (Mount Baker) 11:47

Sehome: Overman 11:30; LeTavec 11:43; Noah Ringler 12:04; Ben Stalheim 12:05; Riley Allsop 12:10; Colton Jonsen 12:14; Alex Schneider 12:15.

Mount Baker: Miles 11:47; Ishmael Villaluz 12:13; Jacob Koranda 13:23; Josh Meyer 13:45; David Godin 13:54; Mitchell Pelzer 14:05; Kody Kelley 14:16.

Lynden: Thomas Swineford 12:21; Anthony Ricci 13:20; Aiden McCaig 13:53; Tyler Stokes 14:14; Alex Hathaway 14:34; Caleb Sterk14:44; Rathna Sabapathy 15:41.

Blaine: Alex Dodge14:12; Greg Arps 14:52; Spenser Dodge 15:50; Andrew Bullock 15:54; Sawyere Hendricks 19:19.


Team scores: 1. Sehome 16; 2. Mount Baker 47; 3. Lynden 83; 4. Blaine n/a

Top individual finishers: 1. Zanna Sullivan (Sehome) 13:45; 2. Ruby Watson (Sehome) 13:53; 3. Ellie Rowan-Arnett (Sehome) 13:53

Sehome: Sullivan 13:45; Watson 13:53; Rowan-Arnett 13:53; Emily Pittis 13:54; Rebekah Oviatt 14:36; Jessa Clark 14:37; Aili Emory 14:37.

Mount Baker: Kelsie Nern 13:56; Katie Buss 14:38; Karisa Stapp 15:05; Haley Rollins 15:13; Rayedeen Engels 15:35; Katherine Dunford 15:53; Natasha Haggith 16:28.

Lynden: Grace Sauter 15:44; Cynthia Anker 18:35; Morgan Nims 18:35; Danika Miedema 20:31; Hope Abundis 24:34.

Blaine: Hillary Kiele 14:23; Kieya Villars 15:28; Hannah Kearn 16:52; Serena Sall 20:45.

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