Concerned about use of chemical weapons


There is another side to the administration's classified Syrian chemical use evidence that I believe the American public isn't privy to. Other sources indicate that rebels were given chemical weapons by a Saudi connection. I'll leave it to your imagination whether with or without U.S. complicity. Those weapons are manufactured here. When this could be blamed on Assad, the rebels in turn would receive additional U.S. funds and weapons. We would then have a limited engagement, the Syrian government responds with further escalation, all the time with Congressional acquiescence. Problem-response-solution. By the way, Human Watch and Doctors Without Borders estimate the number of dead between 300-500, not the "official" 1,400 given by us.

Remember Egypt, anyone? One thousand men, women and children killed by a military that overthrew a democratically elected president. We continue with our $1.3 billion in military aid.

The U.S. and Israel have both used chemical weapons. Israel against the Palestinians and the U.S. using white phosphorus in Iraq, along with napalm and agent orange in Vietnam. You know that if your head is in the sand you are also on your knees. Get up off your knees, America.

Tom Clark


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