Suggests slate for County Council


The upcoming elections for Whatcom County Council could hardly be more important for the future of our community. County Council members in the next four years will decide about the coal export terminal and the major capital expense of construction of a new jail. They will also deal with a number of issues that the current council has been unable to resolve: protecting Lake Whatcom, water rights in the Nooksack watershed and figuring out how to comply with state law on growth. I take these issues seriously and urge you to do the same.

Most of our local elected officials on either side have a good heart, but some seem to lack good decision making. For the past four years I believe we have had a real lack of leadership. Council members need to know the facts and details along with the big picture. The County Council has spent a lot of time (and legal bills) refusing to follow state law, and has failed to oversee the jail development, clarify water rights for farmers and landowners, or make strong decisions on Lake Whatcom.

Two council members have done their best, although outvoted in the minority: Ken Mann and Carl Weimer. We must send them back, along with new allies: Rud Browne and Barry Buchanan.

Please join me in voting for a stronger, wiser council.

Janet Ott


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