Supports peace for Syrian people


I believe the terrible and widespread killing in Syria will become even more terrible and more widespread if the U.S. military (or a coalition of allies) launches an attack. We can't idly sit by and watch the already suffering Syrian people suffer even more at the hands of the U.S.-NATO war machine.

We must act for peace now!

Growing numbers of Republicans and military personnel agree that the U.S. should not intervene in a centuries-old civil war in the Middle East.

I believe this attack on Syria would be illegal, immoral, dangerous, destabilizing and expensive.

Just because there is a Democrat in the White House does not make a violent attack acceptable.

If Bush or Romney were President and tried to pull this nonsense the outcry would be even greater than at present.

We can't give any President a pass on this madness.

Contact Rick Larsen, Suzan DelBene, Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell immediately and encourage others to do it as well.

Judith Lockwood


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