Backs Blethen for school board


I wish to recommend John Blethen for a position on the Bellingham school board. As one of John's customers and fellow community member, I am confident of John's qualifications for the importantly active role of a school board representative.

John's participation in the Bellingham community dates back to the 1960s. Because of his long-standing business practices as the owner of New Whatcom Interiors he has created a reputation that is highly regarded by many. His commitment to being an ethical craftsman is complimented by his inclusive efforts to be a positive force for the quality of life which has brought so many of us to Bellingham.

John's background is grounded in the value of education. He embraces the role of a school board member as being a transparent voice for his fellow citizens, and especially for the parents and children who are our future. He realizes the job requires a consistent presence and willingness to communicate with the administration of a school district in order to establish efficient and effective policies and procedures which build quality schools. Ultimately those schools function as the basis for the quality of the community as a whole.

Carole Hanaway


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