Unhappy with neighborhood infill


We believe our Puget neighborhood is under siege by the Ambling Corporation from Georgia. They are seeking permission to construct 164 dormitory units on a heavily wooded escarpment between Nevada and Puget streets, with what we believe to be huge impact on this quiet, single-family home area. They will tower to a height of 58 feet, not compatible in scale with existing buildings. There will be only one entry and exit off narrow access streets, which we believe will constitute a fire and policing hazard. A 17-acre category one wetland abuts the north end of the building area, natural springs run into a creek that dissipates into the wetlands. There have been documented landslips in the past and the drainage is extremely poor for the greater part of the year. This is manageable as it is but additional expected runoff will change this dynamic, not for better sadly. The planning department report was issued leaving little time to peruse and understand its content before the hearing on Sept. 11. We feel rather like David going up against Goliath.

Madeleine and David Baines


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