Concerned comments on health care wrong


I believe the right wing is lying about Obamacare. Sen. Rubio, Floria, and Sen. Cruz, Texas, recently made what I believe to be outlandish and untrue statements about the law and its effects. Rubio, in an opinion on Fox News, cited a survey by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that 75 percent of small business owners will be forced to fire workers or reduce their hours. According to, this is so far from true that it was rated "pants on fire."

Thirteen hundred executives of companies having fewer than 500 employees were surveyed; 17 percent stated their companies would be affected in any way. Fewer - 5 percent to 9 percent - would reduce hours or employees. Most - more than 80 percent - with 25-200 employees now offer health care benefits, close to the 87 percent of executives who said their companies would not be affected.

Cruz asserted that the law excludes Congress. Again, far from the truth. Members - and staffs - must leave their current system and shop for their health care like many others (they retain a hefty government contribution), according to Factcheck. Their health care will continue to be subsidized, but this is not the same as exempting themselves from the law.

Obamacare is new and complex, but the current "system" is even more cumbersome and increasingly expensive. I believe the right wing appears bent on returning us to that system, and willing to tell outrageous lies to do so.

Ed Wood


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