Concerned about U.S. action in Syria


Did we elect another war-mongering president? I believe he now wants to start his second war in four years. I say, Mr. President go to war when you, Michelle or one of your children sign up to go fight this war. That goes for any of the supporters of a war with Syria, when one of your family signs up to fight, go for it. If you only gave so much attention to the economy or (lack of it)!

One last question. After over 100,000 deaths why are you so concerned over these 1,400? Well, maybe two questions. Why after 21/2 years of a Syrian civil war are you just now concerned that weapons of mass destruction may get into the wrong hands and be used against the United States? That would be the only constitutional justification to consider war against Syria, wouldn't it?

It is reassuring that the U.S. government can with out doubt conclude the Syrian government used gas when no other government or the U.N. can. We undoubtably have made great improvement to our intelligence gathering since the Iraq war. Or have we?

Mike Gleeson


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