Unhappy with new jail expenses


How long are we going to be planning this new jail? We have already spent over $1.2 million on jail planners and we still have yet to break ground on a new facility. Thankfully, the executive and sheriff have come around to proposing a reasonably sized facility of 521 beds, rather than what I believe to be their outlandish previous proposals of 820 and 660 beds.

I think it time that the County Council took a more vigorous role in providing oversight on this process. So far, the council has deferred to the Sheriff on these important issues, but with his proposals for a sheriff's office and warehouse twice as large as the Lightcatcher Museum, I believe it is clear that he has not reined in his big-spending ways. We need some fiscal discipline and the County Council needs to push hard to see that our money is not wasted on this project. Let's spend our money on smart justice, not new toys for the sheriff's department.

Devlin Henderson


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