Concerned U.S. is world's policeman


I am quite surprised. I seldom agree with President Obama, but I approved of what I believe is his political sleight of hand on Saturday to get himself off the hook for taking military action against Syria. He stated that he had decided to take military action against Syria - but -- also decided to get approval from Congress, which I am fairly certain he knows will not be forthcoming. Therefore, he has the perfect excuse to do nothing, which is exactly the correct course. We should have learned by now that any military action by the U.S. anywhere in the Middle East is a lose, lose situation. If we take action against Syria and everything goes perfectly, we will get a rousing "ho-hum" from the people there. But if something goes wrong, there will be riots in the streets with "hate" America signs and burnings of our flag. The people we tried to help will hate us and the ones we defeated will hate us even more. We have to ask, where does it say the U.S. is the world's policeman? We have sacrificed tens of thousands of our finest men and women and untold billions of dollars since WWII in various military campaigns, with little or no permanent results. My heart aches for those who lost family members for essentially nothing. We need to admit we can no longer control world events. We are nearly bankrupt. If other countries are concerned about the way things are going, let them sacrifice their young people and treasure. I am ready for the U.S. to be more like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, etc. No one asks them to do anything and they feel free to sit back, do nothing and criticize those who do get involved -- particularly the U.S.

Gerald Clemons


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