Bellingham man sentenced for spying on woman


BELLINGHAM - A Peeping Tom will serve 20 days of community service and undergo one year in a sexual deviancy treatment program for spying on an unsuspecting woman in her J Street apartment, a Whatcom County judge has ruled.

Colin Peter Curley, 41, pleaded guilty as charged to one count of voyeurism Thursday, Sept. 5. He chose not to speak at the court hearing.

A police officer confronted Curley in summer 2012 because he'd been following a woman walking on Elm Street, according to charging papers. Curley had a camera. He admitted to the officer he had a fetish for filming women without them knowing. He let the officer look through his footage. One video showed a woman being recorded through an apartment window at night. The camera was confiscated.

Curley came to the police station a month later for an interview about that video. He claimed he was "curious about the layout of the apartment," Chief Criminal Deputy Prosecutor Mac Setter wrote in the charges. Curley had hidden in a bush and held the camera lens above his head to take the video.

Police got a warrant to search the camera. They found hundreds of still images and videos of women in public places, unaware they were being filmed. Later, detectives found more images and videos on his phone.

Curley had several prior run-ins with police at Portland State University and in California for similar behavior.

The headline and story information were corrected Sept. 10, 2013, to reflect the sentence of community service.

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